Hire A 360 Video Booth In The Western Suburbs: Make A Splash At Your Next Event

Are you planning a bash in Sydney's vibrant Western Suburbs? Whether it's a birthday, a graduation party, or a Christmas celebration, Halo 360 Events is here to add an unforgettable touch to your next event!

We offer the most exciting and immersive 360 photo booth hire in the Western Suburbs in Sydney, guaranteed to create unforgettable memories for you and your guests.

Halo 360 Events: Where Endless Fun Meets Innovation

We are wholeheartedly passionate about providing unique entertainment experiences that leave a long-lasting impression on our clients. That's why we offer a range of state-of-the-art 360 video booths and photo booths, which are perfect for any special occasion in Western Sydney.

Capture Every Hilarious Moment in 360°:

Imagine your guests stepping up onto a platform and being filmed in slow motion from every angle, creating a stunning and immersive 360° video that they can cherish forever.

Our high-tech booths and expert staff ensure the highest quality videos in Sydney, thanks to our one-of-a-kind software and unique camera setup.

More Than Just Videos:

We also offer elegant photo booths, which are ideal for weddings, corporate events, or any occasion where you want guests to immortalise those precious moments in stunning, ultra-high definition.

Perfect for Every Occasion:

Our 360 photo booth for hire in the Western Suburbs is perfect for every occasion, including:  


  • Individuals planning parties, birthdays, or weddings
  • Event planners
  • Event marketing teams
  • In-house marketing teams
  • Conference organisers
  • Corporate event teams

Why Choose Halo 360 Events?

So, why choose us for your 360 video booth hire in Western Sydney? Here’s what sets us apart:

Ultra-High Definition Videos:

Our innovative technology delivers the highest resolution and best quality 360 videos in Sydney. Let your guests relive the fun in stunning, ultra-def detail.

Unforgettable Entertainment: 

Add a fun and social element to your event with our engaging 360 video booths. Your guests will be lining up to capture their own unique moments!

Social Media Buzz: 

Guests can easily share their videos and photos online, potentially increasing brand exposure for your sponsors through logos or branding on the final product.

Lead Capture: 

For conferences or events where you need to capture leads or conduct surveys, our photo booths provide a fun and interactive way to gather your guests’ contact information.

Proven Experience: 

We have a wealth of experience servicing both globally recognised brands and intimate private affairs. No matter the size or scale of your event, we’ll ensure a seamless experience from start to finish!

 Contact Halo 360 Events today and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about 360 photo booth for hire in the Western Suburbs.

We offer flexible packages, for your convenience, and our dedicated team will be on standby to ensure a smooth and unforgettable experience from start to finish.

Our premium Halo 360 HIRE WESTERN SYDNEY Package

Elevate your event and entertain your guests

Hop on The Booth

Have Fun

Receive Your Video

Reach out for customised pricing

Unlimited slow motion 360 degree videos

Event rental with a full-time friendly attendant

Immediate video sharing to guests - Airdrop, QR code, sms, email

5-10 vertical display lights

Customised templates on videos

Access to full gallery of videos post event

Fun party props

FREE set-up and pack-down

FREE delivery Sydney Metro

$20 Million Public Liability Insurance

Unlimited slow motion 360 degree videos